Q. What is an exclusive commercial insurance lead?

A. An exclusive commercial insurance lead is an exceptionally high quality lead that has been matched with only one agent.

Q. What makes an exclusive lead so much more valuable than a shared lead?

A. Sharing an insurance lead means you have to compete with other insurance agents for the sale. Having exclusive leads means you're the only agent who has that lead information, greatly reducing competition and increasing your conversion ratios. 

Q. Why is IA Leads the leader in premium quality business insurance leads?

A. Our leads are always generated in-house, and never shared with more than one agent or producer. We control the entire lead generation process from start to finish, and employ meticulous quality control measures to ensure only the best leads are passed along to our customers.

Q. What is a SpeedLead™?

A. Have you ever had a lead delivered to you inbox, only to discover that lead is hours, or even days old? A SpeedLead™ is the opposite of that. Our real-time SpeedLead™ technology allows us to supply lead information to our clients within minutes, providing you with the freshest leads possible.

Q. How does IA Leads Work?

A. When you sign up with IA Leads, your dedicated account manager helps you choose a customized set of criteria that will determine the types of business insurance leads you will receive. We help you configure your account, set your budgets, and send you real-time leads that are hot, and waiting for your call.

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