The Vision

As the leading business insurance leads provider offering exclusive, premium quality business insurance leads for insurance professionals, our mission is to match you with the most profitable leads for your business. Our leads are always fresh, never shared, and custom-matched to your unique business criteria.

The People

IA Leads is owned and operated by a team of seasoned, successful commercial insurance professionals with decades of experience capturing and nurturing our own leads. We have experienced first hand the frustrations that come with the territory, and have found a more efficient and profitable way to work.

The Promise

We deliver the best quality business insurance leads, and offer them exclusively to you—and only you. Each IA Lead is always awarded to one single client, and never shared. We eliminate the competition for you, so you can convert more leads.

The SpeedLead™ Difference

Experience our one-of-a-kind SpeedLead™ technology that delivers the freshest business insurance leads to your inbox with lightning fast velocity. Our proprietary technology slices and dices through thousands of incoming leads in the blink of an eye, picks out only the leads that match your custom criteria, and sends them to you within minutes. Faster lead delivery means ready customers, less rejection, and higher conversion rates.

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Stop wasting time and money on stale commercial insurance leads and saturated markets. Ditch the competition and close more sales with IA Leads.

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